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994 Bianchi Laser Computerized Code Cutter - New Version

Price $7,644.00
Product Code:: BIA-994-LASER

The Bianchi Laser 994 is the most advanced electronic high security key cutting machine on the market. Featuring a touch screen console and stand alone unit - this is all you will need to cut high security keys by code.

• Cuts by code, decode or depths and duplicates high security keys

• Complete database of high security systems to be cut built-in, no computer needed

• Key information is automatically converted to original lock specification when duplicating

• Includes A & C jaws to cut most popular high security laser keys, B, D, G & H jaws available as optional equipment

• Electronic calibration

• Universal 2.5mm cutter used for all high security applications

• Easily updated via the web

Note: Using G or H jaws does require the cutter to be switched with a different one.

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